The Brand Oria


The Pioneers

Oria, state of the art collection of architectural and internal windows and doors solutions, 100% designed and manufactured by leading brands from Italy & Switzerland.

Oria is a part of Yes Imported Solutions Pvt Ltd. an international company that specialises in providing customized solutions for external and internal openings, for the service of luxury residential houses.

Oria products are the result of our passion for world architecture and contemporary designs, fuelling our pioneering spirit of offering the best from international leading system manufacturers and designers. Oria offers the systems which have stood test of time relevance to today's design and architecture and are a mark of international lifestyle.

The Oria statement is, 'Means Original – speaks Luxury' this translates that selecting solutions brought by Oria means, using 100% original innovative products crafted in Italy and Switzerland to be a part of the most Luxury houses in the world.

Oria is a result of a vision to allow the architects to achieve their desired design without compromising on selecting materials or aesthetics.

The philosophy behind Oria is to provide holistic tailor made solutions for each and every opening in the house, at one stop shop, without compromising. The selected brand partners are sharing the same philosophy and each and every one of our partners is a leading company in his unique exclusive and luxury solution.

Furnishing the house starts from the windows.


Eshan J. Hemrajani

Eshan J. Hemrajani is Graduate in Civil Engineering from University U.K. and also holds the degree of MSC Business management from the Warwick University UK. Under his leadership the company set up a 2 lakh Sq. ft. ‘’state of art’’ factory at Patalganga having the best CNC machines from Germany which thus increased the production capacity of the company leading to year on year growth in turnover of Glass Wall Systems.


Amit J. Hemrajani

Amit J. Hemrajani is Graduate in Architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects (U.K.). Since a very young age Amit J Hemrajani has been involved in the business, His prime interest has been investments and mergers with different companies thus scaling the business to new heights and multiplying turnover scale. Owing to his interests, he has acquired Oria Fenestrations, a business that caters to luxury doors & windows imported from Europe, in the year 2016. Under his leadership, he has completed residential projects of prestigious clients. Also, he is scaling up the business by setting up factory to manufacture windows in India in collaboration with our partners in Europe.